How to go from 1.16 to 1.17

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  1. I ma using some plugins on my 1.16.5 server. With the new 1.17 being released, how would I update the old plugins without removing data for those plugins? I don't want to lose all my permissions, quests or teleport data for some of the plugins.

    Would i just delete the old .jar file and restart the server with the plugins new 1.17 jar file?
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  2. You update your plugins like from 1.8 to 1.9 and so on.

    Mostly you dont need todo anything as updating the plugins.
    The most changes more code depend than like changing configs or saves
  3. Depending on what plugins you use it may be important to check the changelog for any actions that are needed when updating between major versions, when and if the plugin is updated.

    In most cases you can just replace the jar-files with the new version and it works just fine. Make sure to create backups of your server if you have important data.

    Some plugins might also work straight away without having to be updated to 1.17.
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  4. The same as every update.

    Step 1: Wait for there to actually be a server jar for the server engine you want to use.
    Step 2: Read their release information.
    Step 3: Wait patiently for the plugins that you want to use to update to support the server jar you want to use.
    Step 4: Read their release information as well.
    Step 5: When you're ready, back up your server, including .. databases, server folder, etc.
    Step 6: Make a test setup that runs independently from the live server and start testing.
    Step 7: When you're read with your tests, you've replace the old jars with the new jars, and worked out all the potential issues, you can go to step Step 8: Repeat everything using the latest live data, take that offline. And go back online again in maintenance mode, check everything the best you can, invite some staff, then some testers, then some regulars. and slowly open up to the public. Major issue? Roll back to the latest working version and try again at step 1.

    Specific instructions depend on specific questions.

    Start with step 1, wait for spigot and paper to be ready and stable, so you can start learning on a cloned instance.
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  5. Unfortunately, most people skip steps 5 & 6. They're really important.
  6. Unfortunately yes. And then you get a lot of tickets as server hosting of people whose server "suddenly" stops working.. :(
  7. I set up my community server every summer and we're launching on Friday - this is gunna be a really noobie question, but is it possible to run a 1.17 server with all 1.16.5 plugins and spigot jar? This seems to be breaking "Step 1" from mrfloris. :p I can't imagine that the 1.17 jar will be ready by Friday, and I'm wondering how bad using the old jar would be.
  8. Spigot 1.17 not released...
  9. Plugins for 1.16 might work, you just dont know. Assume they do not and test it. It's a matter of waiting for authors to realise their stuff requires an update and then to release it.
    Keep an eye on their ci servers, their github, etc. Sometimes pre-releases are there.
  10. Yes, our server's community goes back to 2012, so we still have some play styles around certain out-of-date plugins that we've never really gotten a replacement for. (e.g. SimpleClans was in that boat until recently.) Some of our plugins still work even though they haven't been updated for years, which has been helpful when restarting the server every year. I was just wondering if that kind of "plug it in and hope it works" mentality works for the spigot jar itself. I'm assuming not!
  11. Hello there !

    I've a lot of plugins on my server (70) and I would like to know if there is a solution to know if a plugin will work with Java 16 or not (independent of the version of Minecraft). Some of my plugins have been abandoned for a long time but still work despite the game updates. I mainly think of these plugins in my questioning. My server is currently in Java 7 with MC 1.16.5 and suddenly switching to Java 16 scares me a little. It seems like a small revolution according to various comments. I don't realize the importance of the changes in the Java code...

    I have been running my server for 10 years but this is the first time that I have faced a such "version jump" and it worries me a bit :giggle:
  12. step 1, backup
    step 2, test server
    step 3, update the plugins to the latest server
    step 4, run it, see what happens. keep track of what breaks.
    step 5, check if in the meantime github or ci server might have a test patch for 1.17,
    step 6, repeat until you're satisfied with the setup.


    step 1, wait for everything to update and mention "updated to 1.17", most plugins have changelogs

    then do the above.
  13. Just update your plugins... wait for everyone to come out with compatibility. But i think that you need reset world
  14. The thing that I am concerned with is, will Hosting services overcome the change from Java 8 to Java16+ compliancy?
  15. custom_java.png

    My host allows Java 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, and 16.
  16. I haven't been there for "every update" Thanks.
  17. Without that comment the instructions are still the same.
  18. Yes thank you I know this, I have been doing it for 10 years. I misspoke, in fact I would like to know if the change between Java 8 and Java 16 was so revolutionary that it broke all plugins. But I realize that there is probably no answer possible at this point. My questioning was only for the purpose of anticipation. Thanks anyway !
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  19. It may break some plugins, but most plugins should work just fine on Java 16.
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  20. Yeah, but most hosts using Multicraft Panel will porbably not give you that control.

    I just launched a 1.17 Vanilla Server on Shockbyte, seems OK.