How to handle 500 players online

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    It's again me. I have an opportunity to make about 400 - 500 slot full sever. It will be SV (Factions) + SG server, with 4 maps. First - SV (10000x10000) and second - SG (5000x5000), third - Nether (2000x2000) and end (I don't know what size). SG probably won't use mysql. And now, questions:

    - What hardware should I have?
    - What sort of optimalization do you suggest for me?
  2. Hardware:
    Intel Xeon 1290
    32GB Ram
    128 GB SSD (Greater or multiple is fine too)
    1 GB/s (500 players may require more than 100mb per second if all on one server)
    A shit ton of bandwidth, at least 15TB (Assuming Bungeecord)
    Debian/CentOS/What you prefer

    Look at threads on here regarding bukkit.yml and startup scripts.
  3. Remember to don't let chunk stay in memory too much time. Mainly on SG and Nether map it would get better performance. On maps like SG its not need much entity mainly animals so remember to don't let them spawning too much. Try to use or write own plugins that have every thing that can be safe run by another thread. And If you would use SG plugin and sql first of all fix reconnections with MySQL server this plugin like to do much spam in log when its disconnect with it.
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    Break the factions + survival games servers into 2 servers and join with BungeeCord. At 250 players each, that is easy.