Solved How to handle a BOT attack.

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  1. I have a medium sized server with usually 15-25 people online daily. In these days I got a BOT attack and it made crash the server even though i'm blocking EVERY country except Italy, Switzerland and France.
    Today everything was fine until i got a lot of bots and everything crashed.
    I don't think that AdvancedAntiBot is working properly.

    Do you think I should buy this :

    I really need to be certain that when I'm not online the server won't crash and I have to manually reboot it.

    [INFO: Spigot-jar-1.12.2 ]
  2. Don't buy that, use this:
    It's better and free.
    Also download authme and enable the anti-bot option, it will close the server if a bot attack is going (configurable).

    If helped, please, leave a like :D
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  3. Yeah I get what you're talking about . I have already enabled the AuthMe protection feature. The fact is that somehow it didn't work and the server basically crashed and I had to shut it down since too many bots were asking access.
    # Enable some servers protection (country based login, antibot)
    enableProtection: true
    # Apply the protection also to registered usernames
    enableProtectionRegistered: true
    # Countries allowed to join the server and register. For country codes, see
    # Use "LOCALHOST" for local addresses.
    - IT
  4. search for the sensibility of the bot protection, set it to 1/2 connections each 2/3 seconds.

    Also don't forget to do /authme switchantibot
  5. Unfortunately, it won't help on very big attacks, as spigot is not able to handle a lot of connections.
    You should use protection built in BungeeCord forks, as they do really can not only protect against rivals but also handle a lot of connections, (NOT ADD!!!) for an example BotFilter by @Leymooo
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  6. Yeah basically the server crashed because of the connections requests, the players weren't even joining... They don't have better to do in their life..