How to have over 200 players like some servers do?

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  1. Here are my statistics, there are pretty beast, yet not sure why TPS keeps dropping at 130-150:

    Dedicated Server - Xeon E5620 Processor
    RAM Upgrade: 48 GB ECC DDR3
    Raid Options: None (Default)
    Primary Hard Drive Options 64GB Samsung 830 Series SSD
    Hard Drive 2, 3, 4 Options: None (Default)
    Bandwidth Upgrade: 10 TB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink)
    Operating System: CentOS 64 Bit (Latest Stable)

    For some reason at around 150 players we hit 12 TPS all the time. I've tried as many Spingot builds as I can. Currently we are on #484. Here is the plugins list: [​IMG]
  2. Hi!

    Try out the following things:
    • Use NoLagg and "/nolagg examine" to find out which plugins are using too much ressources (you can disable NoLagg and BKCommonLib after having a examine file)
    • follow the instructions:
    • Use htop to see how much the processor is doing
    • Use top to see the ram usage of the whole root
    • Maybe try a ramdisk this are the instructions for ubuntu:
      Code (Text):
      sudo mkdir /media/RAM-Disk
      sudo mount -t ramfs ramfs /media/RAM-Disk
      ramfs  /media/RAM-Disk    ramfs  defaults        0      0
      You can choose another directory than /media/RAM-Disk
      Be careful: Backup the files in the RAM-Disk, because if the server shutdown, all data will be gone and watch the size, because this ram-disk is unlimited big and can use all of your ram (but won't if there is not too much data inside)
    I hope, that these steps will help you :)
  3. Thank you so much, I will give these a try!
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    View distance?
    Screenshot of /gc
  5. 3 view distance

    I had 22GB of RAM on there same deal, don't think ram is the issue.

    108 online = [​IMG]
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    You really don't need to allocate 22gb or 14gb, if you have 8gb free right now. :p
    That isn't the issue though.

    Not entirely sure, try /wg report -p and look at the outcome.
    Or even better a timings report as that will give most information needed.
  7. What should I be looking for in there?
  8. add clearlagg, you got lots of entities.
  9. Already have that :p
  10. 2000 is not alot of entities lol...

    We run with about 7000 entities with just 30 players.
  11. its alot more then 10 or 50 or 100 that i usually have.

    I have had 12,000 entities and 54,000 chunks at 60 players on a survival server (had a chunk leak)
  12. Hmm did the NoLagg check and all plugins seem fine.
  13. Could you send it to me? :)
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    The hard part is getting 200 players to play on your server.
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  15. sometimes.. depends what you got access to.. like me, i got access to a friend with 85k active subs on youtube.
  16. I have......... like...... 5 subs on youtube...... Yeah......
  17. That's not a problem for me. It's the fact that once it starts lagging players are disconnected and dropped from the game, or just quit because of lag when the tps lowers. I have about 5-15K + unique players on each server per month.
  18. SuperSpyTX


    Did you try using the latest build?

    If you aren't using the latest build due to netty, I could build you a custom spigot build without it.
  19. I have not tried using it
    I haven't tried any of the latest builds yet, although I should. I'm thinking one of the cases is that I have more than one server on the box, 11 in total. We usually have around 700 players on that one box, so this might have affect on one server gaining more than the box can handle in total if that makes sense. Trying out #572 now.
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  20. I'm actually buying two boxes and splitting 8 servers on the other.