how to hide 1.13 Suggested Commands

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  1. Hi, how you now 1.13 has something that is really usefull for singleplayer with is suggested commands however for server owner this is a big NO NO as it can easy show all the plugins. Is there a way to prevent that and block it.
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    Well, the logical place to look would be spigot.yml. Sure enough, I see a "tab-complete" option there, set to zero. I Googled "spigot.yml tab-complete" and the first result explained the settings:

    Above #1368:
    Default: 0
    Type: Integer
    Description: You can now specify how many letters of the command must be typed before it will be tab completed this will help deter people from just spamming round all the commands to see if there is one incorrectly set up.
    0 will tab complete all commands
    -1 will disable tab completely
    1 will mean you have to type the first letter
    2 will mean you have to type the second letter... etc...

    Below #1368:
    Default: true
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Controls whether or not a player should be allowed to press the TAB key to auto-complete commands. If enabled, this may pose somewhat of a security risk, as a player will be able to view all registered commands when typing in / and then pressing TAB.

    There ya go.
  3. Is that option also available in 1.13? Command suggestions are now clientside. Commands that permission is provided in plugin.yml will only be suggested if player does have the permission.
  4. I am sorry to say but I don't ask about the TAB I ask about 1.13 suggested commands that's something completely different about the tab settings I know as well.

  5. By the way I am as player and even if I have no permission I still can see for example I can see I have chatcontrol and my players don't have any permission to that command xD. And yes i did that as a player, I remove my self from OP our as rank with all permisions :)
  6. Then the plugin did not register the permissions in the right way.
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    Ohh, sorry, misunderstood.
  8. When you set tab-complete to -1 then the client has no tab completion at all. This works!
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    A recent event was added to Spigot 1.13 which lets developers omit commands from the suggestions. I'd imagine some command-blocking plugin has been adapted to make use of this event. If not, I'm sure you could suggest this event to one of the more popular command blockers.
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