How to hide bungee command on some server?

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  1. I mean forbid to see:
    and not just deny enter command.

    Suppose I need to listen when player get the bungee command list, but i can't figure where.

    I already try "PlayerCommandSendEvent" but it gives onlu bukkit command list.
  2. I am sure the resource tab in the top navigation has some command-blocking plugins, and maybe one of them supports bungee networks?
  3. I want to implement it myself. I am not using third-party plugins.
  4. You can use these events to cancel tab completion IIRC.
  5. But the command will still be visible like available
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  7. I do not want to use waterfall because I don't think it's better than BungeeCord.
    The author didn't need to hide the command. He needed to disable tab-complete.

    I don't need to hide all the commands. I need to hide bungee commands on certain servers for certain players.
  8. Commands players do not have permission to are automatically not sent by bungeecord.
    There is no other way in bungeecord to change the 1.13+ command list.
    You'll have to use Waterfall for that.
  9. Understood, thanks.
  10. There is a way if you don't you commands.
    BungeeCord commands work so that before it checks if the message a player sends is a command, it calls the ChatEvent. So you can check every message if it is your command, and then execute something. That way it will work, but you have to cancel the event.
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  11. I have the same question. @PrimeAPI can you send an example?