Solved How to : (Hide/disable) /help essentials on /help at member prefix.

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  1. i just want to hide or disable "/help essentials" command from my server.
    i use luckperms on member prefix and set ""
    i already add other permission just to make sure only member can.

    the problem is /help essentials is showing.
    i just wanr to hide or disable it but how ?
    i try to search on google but no result

    i try to not install any help plugins.

    that's why i'am here.

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  2. btw "" have no effect on mc

    try to edit this true/false but no effect too
    non-ess-in-help: false
    hide-permissionless-help: true
  3. Well, I am pretty sure there's a configuration section in Essentials where you can disable some commands. Not sure how it's in LuckyPerms but in PEX you can do like - to block the permission. Hope this helps.
  4. yes, i can do that but i can't access "/help" anymore
    "you do not have access to that command"

    in general i just want "/help" working but not showing "/help essentials" inside "/help"
  5. Well, I'm not sure Essentials has any method with which you can block the output of their command. You can either disable the command totally or have Essentials handle it. In this case, I would recommend to use any other plugin with another command - and tell your players to use it.

    For example /tutorial or /basics..
    I can make a simple plugin for you if you want to.
  6. hmm you give me idea, yes how ? by use another plugin ?

    maybe this ?◆-with-infinite-custom-children.14363/
    i'Il try

    hmm permssion available ?
  7. Yes, there are many plugins that allow you for example making custom commands and so. And, as I said, if you want to have it as fast as possible, I can make a simple plugin for you.
  8. Well, If you want to do it your own way, I recommend using Skript -
    You can create your own scripts - for example with this skript -
    Code (Text):
    command /basics:
            send "This is the first line!"
            send "&cIt supports formatting codes!"
            send "Simple to do, right?"
    You should be able to handle your problem :D
  9. Why do you want to disable that?
    /help essentials will only show players what commands they can use from this plugin instead of browsing through all available commands with /help 1 /help 2 etc etc
  10. i already limit "member" prefix by using luckperms so "/help" only show some command.
    the command it self show same if i open "/help essentials" as "/help"

    nah, i just don't want to show that. i like to make my server clean from spam :)
    btw i try to use this now ""

    work pretty well.

    but seems not too updated ? hmm
  11. Well I mean if that solved your problem then I would say mark this thread as solved :)