How to hide home hosted server IP?

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  1. I was going to use Cloudflare however I learned that it does not support Minecraft protocol.

    Does bungee cord do this if I were to purchase a bungeecord server from a hosting company and use it to connect to my home server? Thank you for any suggestions
  2. Yes if you buy a BungeeCord server from a hosting company and then connect your private computer to the bungee then people wont be able to find your IP!

    Not sure why you want to buy a BungeeCord server then run the server off your pc but each to there own I guess.
  3. Usually due to DDoS protection, but this will add some latency(higher ping).
  4. Do either of you have any other suggestions? The main reason I want to do this is to hide my home public IP address both for DDOS protection and from people finding where I live, etc.

    Does bungeecord automatically hide my IP, therefore could I run it off the same home PC and be protected or do I need to buy it from a host? This is my main concern. Thank you for your input.
  5. It hides the IP of the Minecraft servers running behind it, however you would need to run it on a host outside of your home network for it to hide your home IP.
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    I just recently found a service, X4B that proxies MC traffic. Well, any traffic really. Filters 500 Gbps IIRC for like $10/month.

    I can't speak to how well it works as I don't run a server anymore, but it's something to possibly check out.
  7. hello you can do some things but keep in mind that these are not real solutions to the problem could you buy a VPN service
  8. hi
    cloudflare does support minecraft
    they manage my domain too
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    Not by default. If you proxy the DNS record for Minecraft, nobody will be able to connect. You need to use their port specific proxy for a game server.
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    Spectrum is not part of the default (i.e. free) CloudFlare service, ergo my "not by default" ;)
  11. If you don't really care about DDoS protection, you can purchase a really cheap VPS somewhere near your home location and proxy all your traffic. For example, with bungeecord.
    The ping you get from your home to whatever proxy you would be using is the latency that is going to be added to every single player.

    I recently learnt that Cloudflare spectrum can get really expensive pretty fast (Because of the traffic rating they have). Also, they never specify what they mean by "Minecraft protocol".. is it 25565/TCP or 19132/UDP? Nobody knows.. even the support team that answers you in the chat.
  12. If you want to hide your server/network IP address I recommend you to use TCPShield. And if you want to add more protection a suggest you to read my guide