How to hide my Dynmap ip+port?

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  1. As title says, I have a Domain for my MC server and I want that my subdomain ( will direct me to the survival IP (which has the Dynmap plugin running) ( I used this way in the past. Now, I don't want that the port will be shown.

    Which record should I use and how?
  2. reverse proxy or use an iframe.
  3. I don't know what are those, plz explain
  4. Citation:

    For iframe you can have an explanation here:
  5. Do you have any sort of a VPS or dedicated server?
  6. If you want to "hide" the IP address where Dynmap is showing you would just need to create an A record. However, you would still need to put the port: Although, if you run the map on port 80 (make sure it doesn't interfere with another webserver) you won't need to put the port.

    If you want to make redirections on links ( goes to, you would need more than just a record.
  7. Try using an SRV record like this: 300 IN SRV 1 100 PORT
    (_service._protocol.hostname TTL class SRV priority weight port hostname)
  8. Like so? (Look for the '?' marks)
  9. (AKA survival - subdomain) is using A record and points to the survival IP

    I'm using Namecheap domain from my Cloudflare CPanel - All the changes are there.

    Using the above comment, this happens:
    Do I have to wait a bit?
  10. SRV records do not work with web browsers. This type of records cant be used on web servers that are meant to be seen by people.

    Please refer to my previous post on how to set up the records correctly


    OP, try adding the port at the end of the subdomain (Example: