How to import a source code to eclipse?

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  1. Hey guys how can import a source code into eclipse to edit plugin's etc thanks!
    and what does 'SRC' stand for?
    am a java noob :(
  2. If you want to import the code of an existing plugin of which you only have the jar, you'll have to decompile it first. You'll have to check whether or not the license under which the plugin was distributed allows that though.

    If you're in posession of the source-code, you can import it via the File-Menu.
  3. Hey.
    Thanks for the quick reply
    the plugin am using has a source code
    and how can I import it please tell me
  4. you grab the folder called "Src" then drag it into your java project and done.
    src = source.
  5. The exact way depends on the form in which it is available. If your developer included the eclipse project files, use File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace, otherwise use the File-System import.
  6. I don't get u both maybe a vid?
  7. There are numerous videos of the process, including this one. I would however caution you against modifying plugin code when you're having trouble at this stage.
  8. can't click the link >:
  9. Is this more convenient?