How to install Spigot at mac?~

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  1. Im Trying to install a personal Server at mac where I can build, I'm having trouble at it always fails, I tried to use server generator doesn't work too :(, Im here to ask the community to help me install Spigot server at Mac :)!

    Please don't tell me that search at google/bing etc. or follow the tutorial, I always fail. I Don't know what the problem, and I think Im following the right instruction

    Have a good day Spigot Community

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    I need somebody to help me install server at mac
  3. Hey,

    First you need to create a folder where you will have your server files
    Then you have to put a spigot build inside there (pm me if you need one)
    And put this file on the folder too
    Finnaly double clikc the start.command file and your server is up :)
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  4. I tried to execute, it doesnt allow me
    it says "The file “start.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges."
  5. Open terminal ,
    type this chmod a+x
    DONT forget to put a space after x and then drop start.command on terminal,
    After that you should have permissions to use it :)
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  6. Hes right.
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  7. It works! thank you very much!
  8. It may not necessarily be start.command . If you what ever you called the file to start your server with .command on the end.