How to keep freebuild server interesting

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  1. Question in title... hope it's the right forum
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    Being involved in your community, making yourself visible and having events will ALWAYS keep people coming back to your server. Other than free building, what game type is it? Survival? Creative? Also adding extra achievements or any kind of 'goals' for them to achieve will also retain players. This could range from having an economy, to skill systems like mcMMO, respawning the Enderdragon for Survival, etc. Anything that will give them more to do, and don't make them too easy either, give them a good challenge!
  3. I Think Events Would Be a Major part in having any server be interesting, our server we plan to have new events every week
  4. What sort of things do you already have on your freebuild server?
    I recommend adding in things like tutorials for specific building techniques, and maybe get a custom terrain so people have a choice between flatland and quality terrain (either hire someone to make it or find a map on PMC and ask permission from its maker).

    I definitely recommend having an area for build-battles, and to organize those regularly.
    Maybe add some features that allow people to make their builds interactive, like being able to open and close gates, or crossing a threshold triggering a whisper message to that player. This would need to be other than commandblocks, of course.