How to keep new players on the server?

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  1. It sucks that 90% of all new players who join my server leave it and never join back.(according to my statistics)
    My server is factions and pvp server, how can I keep new players on the server so they join back daily?

    About 50 new players join the server daily.

    There's a lot of stuff you can do on my server such as finding hidden chests around spawn, mob arena, unique parkour levels with cool designs, shop, and many more
  2. You need something special. You need a server with cool own ideas. Own game modes.

    When you don't have this you can't handle with the big ones.
  3. What are the other big servers doing then? 90% of them are HUB servers and nothing else. How do they keep new players and I don't? :S

    My server's idea is Devil, everything on it is Devilish, the spawn etc
  4. You don't get it. Every big server has own mini games. Own features. Like hive: for example they have TheLab or something. It is perfectly coded, the design is awesome and the idea behind this is awesome too.
  5. Get money and advertise. You can have the most generic server and still have a massive server if you advertise. People join because other players are playing. They can care less if it has unique features. If it has players, people will come.
  6. Twist up your server with few unique features and keep your players busy.
  7. MineagePvP had 10k + players join but only 300 play on it lol
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  8. That seems pretty good actually. 10k joins is not alot for a constant 300 people.
  9. The way you put it, your problem isn't getting more players to join. It's keeping them. So look at what new players see/get upon joining. Is your server any different than others? Do new players see/do/get anything that would prompt them to stay? Any sort of eye-catcher? Think of your server like a book. Do you have something that makes them want to keep reading? And when they do keep going, what keeps them interested for the rest of the time?
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  10. Yeah, I recently started doing that. I also notify people that when a new member joins, they should welcome them and be nice in chat.
  11. My advice is this. Actually listen to your players, don't assume that you know what is best for them. Start a poll, and ask around your community what they could do better. I found this to be the most effective way to improve the player retention rate of my server, because when the original players are happy, they tend to spread the word to their friends. And boom, you got yourself a solid player base.
    On top of that, keep in mind that competition between minecraft servers is always increasing, making us have to constantly add new, innovated things to attract and retain new players. So you say your server is themed off devilish designs. Build on it. Spend a couple extra bucks on some custom plugins (No, it doesn't have to be a revolutionary new gamemode). If I were to build a server off this theme, this is what I would imagine creating: A pvp stats type plugin were you obtain souls when killing another player, and could redeem them in a shop of sorts. Anyway, just think out of the box and give players original content they can't live without.
    On a sidenote, it is also worth the investment to look into slots and youtube advertising as this will increase the traffic to your server which equals more recurring players. Goodluck with your server :)
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  12. Wow, great ideas! Thanks bro, I'll surely use them. :)
  13. About the souls one, I'm scared people will abuse it and use alts to get souls
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