How to learn Java?

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  1. Is there any YouTube videos or websites which explain in detail how to learn Java and teaches you? I want to code things and become a Developer. But I don't even know what to install in Eclipse. Any chance any one of you could even teach me? Quick note I would like to code Minecraft plugins for 1.7.10 . I would like to learn as soon as possible so if somebody could reply and tell me which one to download, I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you could maybe link me any websites which team Java for free I would also appreciate that.

    Is it any one of these?
    - Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
    - Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
    - Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers

    - TryFX

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  2. I doubt that you'll ever become a real, good and educated developer without a propper education or simply school. If you plan on just doing fun things in Bukkit, it should be fine though. If you want more than that (like a job), I'd strongly recommand an actual education or school instead.

    You probably want to use the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.
  3. My dream job is to do something with coding like either coding apps or become a developer, I just love to be around a computer so my dream job is to do something like that. In the future I do plan on taking lessons to learn coding and take computer science and learn coding in sixth form and university also my sister goes university and does coding so I could always ask her :) But for now I just want small things like plugins on bukkit and spigot for my own localhost server uses just for test and fun.
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  4. Good coding isn't something as simple as writing some lines of code. A good software developer is someone who talks to clients or companies and puts an (possibly unrealistic) idea with (possibly limited resources) into reality. If you want to become a developer for a living, then you should really learn it in school, it's far more superior than trying to teach yourself. :p

    Best of luck :D
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  5. If your sister knows Java you may be best to ask her, you can show her the javadocs for the Spigot/Bukkit API (available on the Spigot developer hub) which outline how to use the API. In general, it's better to learn from either a book or from someone in real life (i.e. teacher/lecturer).
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  6. I know, but she has to do homework all the time form university and she doesn't like to hassle with things like this, also they teach coding in my school but they teach Python not Java...
    I have some great ideas I put into a document for HCF and classic factions so I would either like to make them into reality or sell them lol
  7. Whaaaaaaaaaatttt :confused:
    I know java very well and I learned everything from youtube & experience. Just because you did it that way doesn't mean everybody should. Actually the opposite, Schools seem to treat you like you are stupid, They are broken in most places around the world, for example in my school senior students only now learn OOP.

    I think a heck of a lot of developers are self learners. In my opinion most of them are, It's impossible to get shit done without being one in my opinion.
  8. Yes ofcourse, a developer is suppose to be able to self learn something. We all need to start somewhere though. I didn't learn Java in school, I learnt that myself. School did get me started quickly. I guess it would also depend on the school; there's good and bad schools, simple as that. I'd say mine was fairly okay.

    I agree that most people would be able to teach themselves how to write some simple code, but I'm talking about actual big full blown software projects. That would require alot more knowledge and planning and overall experience, which usually becomes the issue when you only self teach. I know 5 programming languages because of school, while I litteraly only do Java for personal projects :p
  9. Wow, You know "5 different languages", good for you.
    In the real world if you don't use them all constantly they were a waste of time.
  10. I'm just making a point that I wouldn't be able to do 5 languages without school, no need to become salty.
    You can continue this thread on your own.
  11. You can. Easily. after the first oop language the rest are pretty much the same. It's just as a self learner, usually you know how to priorities.
    Open a new thread if you want
  12. In the case where people mention school, a lot of schools (My school,the local public highschool, etc) most of them dont have any programming courses. In that case you might watch youtube videos and such, but the reason those aren't all that good is because it isn't someone who you can interact with, its just someone who says the same thing as everyone else but he thinks hes different because he reworded it.

    Anyways, in that case, I would get a small book that you can finish in a week without zoning out for reading for too long, and then try something that is small, like test based things that use said key words and test out how they work. Keep building off of that, make new objects, test how they work, etc. If you ever get confused (Which will happen a lot) then ask a forums where people might explain it to you. Just dont use this one because you'll get "learn java" cancer, which comes from ignorant people who dont realize that you learn from trying things out and experimenting, and are not eager to help you.

    Generally, self taught people are slower, but are also usually the more succesful people. Take bill gates, as an example. Self taught, tried things out when he didnt know what he's doing. Now he's the richest guy in the world.

    Just dont get caught up over the fact that you only new part of java for a like 2 weeks and most people dont realize
  13. When you want to learn Spigot, watch Videos or learn with a full Java Book and try something :)