how to let your command be first

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  1. Screen Shot 07-07-15 at 03.44 PM.PNG hi,

    i am making a plugin but when i do /help it says the message of essentials, but i made a custom message but how can i do that it says me message and not the message of essentails.

    and when i do /gamemode 1 i want to give it a custom message if you are not op, but when your are you op it gaves you gamemode how can i do that?

    cant find it on internet...

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  2. I think you need to look at videos more. You need to check if the player is either op or if they have the correct permission note then perform a certain action.
  3. I'd advise the opposite of DeadlyBlaze and learn proper Java first.

    Then I'd read into the javadocs found at
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  4. This isn't what you were asking but, ChatColor.translateAlternateColors('&', message)