How to limit the farmlands?

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  1. Hello guys, do you know any plugin, or way to get this?

    I would like to limit the number of crops that the people have in their farms. Why? becouse in my server the crops have a selling price and is already very low but they still getting a lot of money in their 20x20 houses
    And also if they go out of their limit, outside of the protections, they could me hidden macro farms, which is too OP and i want to avoid that, but not to remove the crops from selling, which is quite funny

    So, we can find a way to limit farmland block in the global region per player? like maximum 10x10 landfarms per player, or out of flags to have a plugin that count the number of farmland blocks, i dont know >.<

    Any idea guys?
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  2. I would rather tweak your economy, since this solution would annoy me as a player.
  3. Man, thats damn great, i didnt find it maybe due the words that i was using, but i will test it now, but you hit in the nail buddy, thanks!
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  4. no problem