How to lock commands (to give no access to players)

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  1. Hi guys,

    i wish to ask to all of you, how i must do to lock commands. I want to have this :

    Lock the /tab + plugin name and more with the commands.

    Best Regards
  2. The tab auto fill is located in spigot.yml where you can disable it.
  3. I've already found this, but what i want to disable is something like : /a + tab and the command show the first letter of the plugin name
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  6. You have a lot of differents ways to do this.
    You can get a plugin, negate the permission of the commands or create your own plugin and cancel the event on the CommandPreProcessEvent (i think thats the name of the event)
  7. Yeah, all of what Sauron said will work also.
  8. Which plugin can doing this ?
  9. Google is your friend
  10. ... really ? i didn't knew it
  11. Maybe you can use PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent ?

    I don't know if that event can help you.