How to Make a Bug Report

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    *** All issues must include the output of /version in the version box.

    If you are making a bug report, please:
    1. Make sure that you are up to date. "Latest" or "1.14" is not a version. Update immediately before testing and opening a ticket.
    2. Be concise in describing the issue. Remember that the person reading your ticket may not understand Minecraft as well as you do. This means being extremely specific about all aspects of how to recreate the bug. Do not assume anything.
    3. Test your issue in all applicable versions. If the issue could possibly affect Vanilla, then test that. If you are concerned about the behaviour of an API in 1.14, then test 1.13.2.
    4. For API bugs, include a minimal reproduction plugin. This means a plugin that does nothing but show the bug that you are reporting.
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