How to make a Theme Park Server!

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Would you make a Theme Park in Minecraft?

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  1. Hello, I'm Euan!
    I have owned theme park servers in the past and now I focus on helping and supporting servers through events and friendships!

    Find a Roller Coaster plugin!

    Yes you heard me right there is Roller Coaster plugins for spigot, these allow you to create very talented ride systems!

    Add Flat Rides!

    Yep there is also plugins for creating flatrides!

    Add some audio!

    Most Theme parks in real life have an Audio / Speaker System, this can be used to immerse you into the rides and areas! You can do the same in Minecraft!

    Add Some Extras!

    The best way to make a Theme Park server look cool is to add some extras!

    Build the park!

    When you are making a Theme Park in Minecraft you need the "Park", so the best way to do that is make one from your imagination or build from plans you can find online witch is called 1:1. I'm not the best at 1:1 and I am no help with that as I would not know where to start, but you can get this great plugin to help you use google earth pro to convert locations into coordinates.

    Create some shows!

    After you have your Theme Park and all of the rides you may want to make a show! Most Theme Parks have shows at night and through the day!

    I hope this little guide helps you if you are trying to make a Theme Park in Minecraft :D
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