How to make bukkit server faster?

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  1. Hey everyone. I was just referred to this website by a friend who runs a minecraft server. I currently have trouble with my server once we hit about 80 players or so with lag and tps. Can someone please explain the whole Spigot thing to me and how it works. I'm a bit confused on the whole remove bukkit and use spigot thing. How would I do this. From what I understand you need bukkit to run a minecraft server right? If anyone can shed some light on all this for me would be great. I know they are all probably silly questions but I'm just starting out and would love some help understanding how spigot would make my minecraft server faster and all.


    PS: I'm currently running the server from home on a windows ultimate machine with an i7 2600k with 16GB ram. My Internet connection is 50/10 download/upload. I really don't use the computer for much other than the server running, and of course to play minecraft. Thanks.
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    Spigot is a fork of CraftBukkit, meaning it's CraftBukkit with added features. So you use it instead of CraftBukkit. You can read about Spigot here.
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    The best way to explain Spigot is this thread here ->

    Chances are, it will help make your TPS much higher. There are random optimizations (including the Netty networking engine) and "gameplay nerf" optimizations that sacrifice a slight bit of vanilla gameplay in order to increase performance. In my honest opinion, the "gameplay nerf" optimizations are barley noticeable yet do a whole lot for performance. Great thing is, it's up to you (via bukkit.yml - soon to be spigot.yml) how spigot is configured and how far the nerfs go.

    Check out my configuration guide here ->

    All your Bukkit (Craftbukkit) plugins should work fine on Spigot, but there are times where a random plugin will not work (but usually with a good reason behind it)

    Hope your server lag problems get better and hopefully you find the experience a good one!
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  4. Spigot is like optifinie for bukkit :p
  5. It's better than optifine. :p