How to make Local Host Test Server

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  1. I have my own server and i cannot keep on turning the server off and on for maintenance etc.. so im trying to make a local test server; i want the server to run on my PC so that i can connect via localhost. But i have no idea how to do that with spigot.
  2. You could get a plugin so people are unable to connect to the server while it is online (expect for people who have permissions)
    An example of this is:
    You could also use the built in whitelist feature, but if you don't want to use that then the plugin listed above will do as you wish. Here is an amazing guide how to setup a server locally:

    It is highly recommended not to locally host your server if you plan to make it public.
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  3. Thanks a lot with this video i created local spigot server although the video shown how to make vanilla minecraft server. To anyone wondering what or how to do it you just have to change the .jar part in the .bat file shown in the video to the one your server is running.
  4. You can use the build tools to build spigot. Here is a simple guide:
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    Make a folder on your hard drive for the server, download the server files from your host to that folder, then just launch it. Not really much to it. Check the and if there is something in the "server-ip" field, erase it, leave it blank. Then just launch the jar like java -Xmx4G -jar (jar filename). Obviously tweak the parameters to your needs.

    Also if you have plugins that use MySQL, you'll need to setup a local MySQL instance and configure it.