Solved How to make that when I get right click for a horse & wrote a command it gets mine?

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  1. I making it for an mmo horses (it won't be like a popular plugin) and your help will be the great fo' me
  2. Make a HashMap<Player, Horse>, then listen to PlayerInteractEvent. If the player clicks a horse, add them into a hashmap, and on command check if the player is in a hashmap. If it is, do your thing (tame the horse with code). It's Horse#setOwner(AnimalTamer at), use it like Horse#setOwner(YourPlayer)). Also you probably will have to do Horse#setTamed(true) after that, but idk if it is necessary. You might want to also use Horse#setPassenger(YourPlayer) and somehow give the horse a saddle later, I think you'll do it yourself
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  3. Could You please help me with a listening to these?
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