How to make Warzone/Safezone? (Factions)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MultiGamerclub, May 29, 2015.

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  1. So, havent really found this out yet even if its bothered me for the last 2 years, been asking most places but i dont know yet xD

    How do i make a SafEzone/WarZone in Factions?

    - Multi
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  2. You can do it with either /f claim Safezone
    Or /f claim Warzone
    Radius optional.
    If you want radius, do /f claim Warzone 2 for example.
    This will make Warzone 2 chunks or something like that, 2 chunks south, west, north and east.

    You can also use WorldGuard.
    That's what I did, as with WorldGuard, you can set your own regions, it's more customizable if we talk about regions, and you can change it fast.
    If you wanna know how to do it with WorldGuard, I will hear it.
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  3. The thing is, both Safe/War doesnt work with the factions plugin.. That's been dead for 1 eyar or longer.

    The thing with regions:
    I know, its easier.
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  4. To do this you need to do:

    /f claim <variable1> <variable2> <variable3>

    variable1 = s for squeare or c for circle
    variable2 = numerical size of square or circle
    variable3 = safezone or warzone

    you have to be in /f admin to do this as well.
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  5. it's ez fellow those steps

    To claim Warzone

    1- type /f join warzone (MAKE SURE YOU ARE OP)

    2- type /f claim o

    To claim Safezone

    1-type /f join safezone

    2-type /f claim o

    Now you know how to claim warzone and safezone [​IMG]!

    Check out my server
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  6. thanks this i really helpful
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  7. I can't join safezone :( it says this is a system faction
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  8. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    Then follow these steps, instead:

  9. variable means??????
    can u type what command to use to claim warzone and safezone instead of saying variable
    eg /f claim 1 or /f claim warzone
  10. /f autoclaim warzone or /f autoclaim safezone
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  11. ^^
  12. You can make an WorldGuard Region wehre no body can use pvp
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  13. yeah you should, just in case factions crashes on an update or something insane like that (it's happened to me) didn't have protection for spawn. thank god for bukkit spawn protection lmao
  14. This is old.

    But at the time this was it, those didnt work, just to be clear.
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  15. Lol, I didn't notice the timestamp.
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  16. I need help I use factionsuuid and it says I can't join it because it is a "system faction"
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  17. Hello, i am also doing this same way, but the problem is that we cant say to end the safezone at the exact place as where the water starts where they jump of the spawn. And from there warzone until 100 blocks away so they can start building from there.
    And yes worldguard,.. But it has no titles :p Only messages
  18. We're same that it says :( i just want to join Warzone or Safezone. but i cant (sad life)
  19. Lol, guys just simply type /f claim one safezone - there is nothing to it
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