How to mask my IP (Not with a domain)

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  1. Hey, i'm sure this has been asked numerous times but I can't get an answer. I asked on like 3 different forums too lol

    So, i'm trying to self host a public server and i'm trying to keep my real IP hidden. Even with a domain (ex, it's easy to get the real number IP. Is there any service to mask the real number IP? Like turning ex. into ex. Just something to bounce my real IP to a service that changes it.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Buy a cheap VPS near your location, GRE Tunnel that VPS to your location, you get the benefit of DDOS Protection (If the VPS Has it) and the only IP people will see is that of the VPS. Just don't give out your public IP & you're golden.

    Best of luck,
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  3. Is there any good service to use? I'm not the brightest mind when it comes to this kind of stuff so please try and excuse anything stupid lol
  4. Location? Some of the best are OVH or BuyVM.
  5. Can we take it to messages? seems easier
  6. I mean just post your requirements here and then everyone can give provider suggestions
  7. What do you mean by requirements? sorry lol
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I meant what kind of requirement. Anyways I don't need much, I shouldn't have more than 50 players on at once. I was thinking to use BuyVM but idk what to choose.
  10. ... Location so we can tell you which VPS location is closer to you? BuyVM also has a nice tutorial on how to GRE Tunnel from one of their machines shares.
  11. Hey Fatguy, I know plenty of people who mask their IP with Cloudflare. You should look into it.
  12. ?
    CloudFlare doesn't proxy TCP traffic on poets apart from 80, 443, 8080 and 8443, unless you pay $5k for spectrum
  13. Then run your server in port 8080
  14. They only proxy HTTP(S) traffic
  15. I'm getting a lot of mixed answers, I would go with the BuyVPS option but it seems really tedious but i'll still go with it if I have to. If anyone has a straight forward answer please lmk
  16. You still haven't told us what you need though?

    And it's BuyVM, not BuyVPS btw. Make sure you buy from the right company lol.
  17. Oh oops lmao

    I just need a way to mask my IP address. So I want to run a server without people getting my IP. I live in southwestern TN btw. (USA)
  18. Since you're near VA, you could get an OVH Cloud VPS in their Vint Hill datacentre. Pretty cheap and unlimited bandwidth, decent network
  19. Alright. Is there anything to help or show me how to do it? I’m completely new to this as you can tell lol.
    Also is there a way for the IP bouncing to take place on 1 machine, or will it do it on my whole network?