How to obfuscate code

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Angeles, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Could some help me
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  2. All of your posts asking for help don't specify what you're trying to do, or if you've tried anything. Please provide us with more information, otherwise we can't help you.
  3. obfuscateing code
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  4. Thats a great way!!! Not explaing how its a help section
  5. Use proguard
  6. How do i use it
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  7. Maybe download it?
  8. This is a help section, not a reinvent the wheel section. Obfuscating is a general programming topic, there's plenty of guides out there. Use Google.
  9. Could you help me use it
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  10. We can't just spoon feed you how to use it. (Like tell you exactly how)

    Just look it up fam.
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  11. OMFG just tell me
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  12. Read the notice on the top of this forum... It clearly states that people can point you in the right direction, but they cannot just do it for you.

    Sorry. (And again, Google is your friend)
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  13. You do not need to obfuscate your code.

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  14. MiniDigger


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  15. If you want people to help you, at least be nice. This is seen throughout your entire post history and it is not helpful for anyone on this forum especially you.

    All these disrespectful comments obviously aren't doing anyone any good and they make you look stupid.

    As @mine625 said the sticky thread that says read me for everyone posting questions on here (like you :eek:) is very useful for everyone especially the people who are trying to help you.

    And now I quote:
    The two big things here are the we're not here to spoon feed which "OMFG just tell me." is asking to get spoon fed.
    the other one is the fact that you obviously did 0 research into this before you posted it. This is not going to get you to be a perfect developer, you need to learn stuff for yourself (like java ;)) and not just go on here whenever there is a redline in your IDE.
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  16. Why is this so difficult. It says it in plain text on the website, how incompetent are you?

    Just to narrow t for you in case you have issues for some reason navigating the site:
    To run ProGuard, just type:

    java -jar proguard.jar options ...

    You can find the ProGuard jar in the lib directory of the ProGuard distribution. Alternatively, the bin directory contains some short Linux and Windows scripts containing this command. Typically, you'll put most options in a configuration file (say,, and just call:
    java -jar proguard.jar

    You can combine command line options and options from configuration files. For instance:
    java -jar proguard.jar -verbose

    You can add comments in a configuration file, starting with a # character and continuing until the end of the line.

    Extra whitespace between words and delimiters is ignored. File names with spaces or special characters should be quoted with single or double quotes.

    Options can be grouped arbitrarily in arguments on the command line and in lines in configuration files. This means that you can quote arbitrary sections of command line options, to avoid shell expansion of special characters, for instance.

    The order of the options is generally irrelevant. For quick experiments, you can abbreviate them to their first unique characters.

    The sections below provide more details:"
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  17. Dude proguard has a gui in case you did not noticed. However its still
    pointless to obfuscate your code until you write your own obfuscator
    because the code is still readable or simply made readable again with deobfuscators which are a step in the lead currently.