Solved how to obtain custom potions with essentials?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by zacharycram, Sep 2, 2020.

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  1. hi

    I want to give myself potions with the plugin essentials with custom potion color like in 1.11+ and also give custom potion effects, and to also HIDE the potion effects. Anyone know how to do this?
  2. bump... still no replies, pls help
  3. I'm not sure if I understand what you mean but you can give someone a potion effect if that is what you mean.
    Check out this site and see if its something you like
    It should generate a command that you can use to give someone that effect.
  4. no... I am trying to give potions which have CUSTOM colors, CUSTOM effects, and its potion effects hidden (with essentials if possible)
  5. Not everything can be done with essentials. by Custom colors do you mean custom particle colors?
  6. no. In 1.11+, you can modify the potion colors, like for example the speed potion is blue, and night vision is blue, you can edit those colours with commands
  7. In essentials you can only do /i potion 1 effect:heal power:1 duration:1 effect:(some other effect here) power:3 duration:120 effect:(some other effect) etc. etc.

    In conclusion, you can't change colors, you can only add multiple effects and change their power and duration

  8. is there another way to obtain the potions and hide the flags not using the minecraft:give command?
  9. yes, make a plugin. I can make one if you don't know how. Just tell me how you want it to be structured. ex. /potiongive <player> <hide flags true/false> <color> etc etc
  10. sure, make a plugin with a command /givepotion that has a dark blue color, speed 2 strength 2 with name "&1Bottled Water" lore "&f99.99% Bone Free" and the effects hidden
  11. What do you mean by effects hidden? Do you mean the effects display inside the inventory like (strength 2 00:30 seconds), or do you mean the effects tags inside the lore, or the effect particles? also, how long do you want the potion to last?
  12. the potion effects hidden, like speed 2 not being shown and same for strength, and can it have a config for what name lore and effects it has? (effects of strength 2 and speed 2 is 3 mins)
  13. Okay, I finished the plugin.

    There is a config file where you can add multiple custom potions, with customizable display name, lore, hide/unhide effects, effects, effects duration (in ticks), effects level, and potion RGB color.

    Command to use it is /givepotion <potionname>
    potionname is stated in config.

    In default config there is an example potion with name bottled_water.
    So do /givepotion bottled_water to receive the potion.

    Here is a list of potion effects:
    Some effects are named differently, so be sure to use the correct name. For example, strength would be increase_damage.

    Let me know if you need help or if there are any glitches

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  14. well sorry for the late replies, i have already figured out how to do it without an additional plugin
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