how to open a plugin in ecplise?

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  1. hi,

    i have a new laptop and i want to go further with my plugin but i have only the plugin not the map that created by ecplise it self.

    how can i open the jarfile in ecplise ?
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  2. ? Not the map itself? Sorry I'm confused but if you want to open your plugin jar file just go to file > open file>.

    I think you meant workspace not map... I really am confused on what your trying to do but if your trying to make your workspace look like your original workspace then if your computer or laptop isn't broken you can still look at it and copy how the workspace looks like in your old pc.

    Also if your old pc isn't broken you can grab a usb and plug it in to your old pc and import the projects you want to your the usb. After that you can just place the projects back into your workplace.

    Hope I helped!
  3. If you already compiled it you can grab a software such as jd-gui and decompile it (Not promising it will work 100% but it does a good job) then you can copy the code over and modify it as I believe you can still remember what your code was about xD. Or you can import the files into your workspace directory (in eclipse) and then open the file from there. Hopefully this helps you and sorry if I repeated some of your things @AeriusMC.
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    Decompile the jars.. If its a plugin you don't own, don't use the code
  5. Use a java de-compiler. Search google for one. I wish you could do that, but oop's. It's gotta be that way