How to optimize my server PING, OVH

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  1. Hey guys, i have been haivng isues with my server ping, my dedicated server is hosted on OVH Quebec Canada just like is, but my server has SO MANY much ping that ultra, is there any config on linux that i have to change?
  2. Depends on the location of the players. Obviously if you're hosting in Canada and live in idk France it's going to be bad.
  3. when you say "ping", what exactly do you mean ?
    have you actually confirmed that you have high ping (with cmd) or are you just saying it cause you are lagging when on the server ?

    It might not be a network problem at all, you may simply have overloaded your server, so it cannot respond to requests in time, in this case it would not be the network (ping)
  4. I reposted this better explained:
  5. see your new post <3
  6. he has 9 gb on his server so it schould work...
  7. latiku


    Can't. Latency depends on the player's location from where the servers are ran (e.g Canada, New York)
  8. You simply cant optimize ping, its based on the distance between server & client.
  9. ^^

    Stassburg has the best ping of all OVH Data centers
  10. Have you thought about anyone Trying to ddos your server?
  11. The other key things here is are you killing your main thread having all these plugins? have you tried disabling all plugins and see how the server acts that way and see if you can see a difference in performance?