Solved How to place a leaves block without decaying?

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  1. Hi guys i'm trying to place a bush in my world using blockpopulator , but when i place it and wait few minutes it disappears.

    How can i fix it? Is there a blockdata which controlls the decay?

    Code (Java):
    I am placing the leaves next to a oak log.
  2. Googled: leaf decay spigot java


  3. Hmm im not quite sure how to call it, do you have any idea?

    Code (Java):
    BlockData bd = Material.OAK_LEAVES.createBlockData();

    Code (Text):
    But when i try
    Code (Java):
    BlockData bd = Material.OAK_LEAVES.createBlockData("persistent:true");
    it doesnt work

    Im trying like this way
    Code (Java):
    Block block = loc.getBlock();
    block.setBlockData(I NEED THE BLOCKDATA HERE);
  4. What options do you have with bd?
  5. To get the block data, use Block#getBlockData and then work from there as i wrote above.

  6. I'm trying with but my IDE isnt showing up the options im not sure about if its the right way.

    Code (Java):
    if (block.getBlockData() == BlockData.?!?!)
    i already imported

  7. I tried to overwrite the blockdata as a string and then apply to a specific block

    Shows up this

  8. Why are you trying to compare it to something? Use something like this

    Code (Java):
                Block block = world.getBlockAt(loc);
                BlockData leavesData = (Leaves) block.getBlockData();
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  9. Thanks , i guess that was the problem i didnt know that i can cast it to leaves. Well thanks.
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