How to prevent plugin leaks!

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  1. sorry if this is in the wrong place!

    Okay so i have no clue how to do this but its just an idea.

    Lets say P1 makes a paid plugin called "lol123cool" but leaves the download free. When P2 downloads the plugin and puts it in his server it doesn't work. P2 double clicks on the plugin and a login message comes up saying enter username and password. But to make a username and password you have to pay a X amount of money. And if the account was ever logged from a different IP than the one it was registered it would be unusable. A link would be sent to the email it was registered in on how to unlock the account. Lets say P2 made an account by paying a X amount of money. He then logs in and boom! the plugin starts to work. Once again I have NO CLUE ON HOW THE HELL THIS WOULD BE MADE! but if it is possible or something this is a good idea, prob.
  2. unpractical, you would need to setup your own server to manage all thies login requests and it could easily be overriden by intercepgting packets or removing code.
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  3. There are some issues with the theory:
    1. It's against Spigot ToS (I'll find an excerpt in a minute)
    2. What @ProJoosh said above
    But, to answer your question:

    You would need to make a jar file that creates a JFrame, gets the username and password, and sends response to a server that you own. Do checks, if unregistered send back information to client and create a PayPal invoice, in which you can email them said invoice. Upon paying, validate the jar and allow for use.

    It's not hard, but illogical. Too much work for something bypassable.
  4. i know this is after 4 year but there is still a way using the same method as minecraft using .dat files to secure code and never unlock it again just with your own code .dat creator
  5. Then why did you comment?! The "method" you suggested is completely meaningless anyway.
  6. its not a problem to suggest about what he can do why did you replied??
  7. JanTuck


    Well your reply was rather weird since Minecraft does not store code in .dat files.
  8. You are correct, making meaningful suggestions is not a problem. Making them on a 4-year-old post where everyone has very clearly moved on, however, is. Making a suggestion that isn't even meaningful is even worse.
  9. Mate its four-year-old thread...