How to program java 9 edition book deitel,It is good to program minecraft plugins?

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  2. Sorry, I'm translating, Java How to Program, 9 edition,deitel
  3. I can't understand you :-; Do you want to know how to code Java 8? because 9 hasn't been fully released yet.
  4. I'm pretty sure there is a beta of some sort for java 9. I worked on it a bit but went back to Java 8/7
  5. I went back when I wasn't able to load minecraft :p
  6. Some users still use Java 7;
    Most users use Java 8;
    And some rare people use Java 9 (if there is any)
  7. Its usually good to use Java 7 in plugins, since Java 8 works with 8 & 7(I think)
  8. It is not java 9 is a book Deitel
  9. You went Offtopic... (it's not for Java 9, it's the 9 edition of the BOOK)

    It introduces you on the OOP programation; and teaches Java from what I can read. Give it a try, it don't looks bad!
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  10. Could probably be presented better tho :p
  11. His first lang isn't english
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  12. I mean't something along the lines of this.
  13. No problem, any time! I bet it is a hard challenge to code when your main language isn't english :c maybe you can make your own compiler someday.
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