Solved How to properly use Maven?

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  1. Never been one to use Maven, I decided to try it out today. Added some dependencies and when I go to start the server, the server can't seem to find the classes of my maven dependencies. Idk if I have to run compile it a specific way or I am just not understanding the concept of 'maven'

    Code (Text):

    The programming works just fine, it understands the Maven libs and I dont have any issues IDE sided. I just get errors unable to find HikariCP classes.
  2. You need to shade it
  3. Well, i use this;



    It is grabbed from a my plugin, you should change the include to com.zaxxer:HikariCP
    And i think you also need to shade Hikari's dependencies
  4. I got it to work but apparently Maven Eclipse is having issues. I have a pretty old Eclipse I believe, so that might be the reason. I get the 'SLF4J: Failed to load class “org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder”.' error
  5. also add slf4j as dependencies
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