How to protect yourself from bungeecord exploits?

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  1. Hey guys I browse the forums everyday not posting anything as I don't see the need to post anything. Can someone please help me out on how I can protect my bungeecord server from an exploit. I was talking to a dev and he said he can grief my server using an exploit. (also can you please reccommend me some plugins that stop /?? and /pl and bukkit:me cheers :))
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  2. To protect your bungeecord network, you should do the following things:

    - Set bungeecord to true in the spigot.yml on your spigot servers
    - Install a plugin called IPWhitelist on all of your spigot servers, and add the bungeecord ip to the allowed ip's
    - Set ip_forward to true in the bungeecord config
    - set online_mode to true in the bungeecord config
  3. What do you have with the plugin "IP-Whitelist"

    You don't need that plugin, when you have ip-forward to true in the config.yml of Bungeecord and if you have bungeecord set to true in the spigot.yml of all the spigot servers.
  5. Well, to protect themselves from exploitation bungeecord must be known and not be exploited : D