How to remove 10trillion money cap for essentials

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by benthespigo, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Step 1: delete line max-money = 10 trillion
    Step 2: party!
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  2. *follow*
  3. I don't know what he wants.
  4. I googled, essentials (but someone says Vault) has a limit of 10 trillion
  5. You don't, you'd have to get a custom plugin that technically uses strings instead of numerical variables as there's limits in Java.

    You should also really reconsider your server's setup, using such enormous values is just weird.
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  6. Is 10 trillion the limit of java?

    Edit: I'm sure it is not the limit of java for double, at least
  7. Strahan


    This. If you need >10 trillion, your server economy is totally hosed and needs a reset and redesign.
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  8. Don't delete lines from a config unless you're absolutely certain that there are no side-effects.