How to remove advancements added by a plugin?

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  1. I installed a plugin called Oh The Dungeons You’ll Go. The author of that plugin decided to quit making plugins and renamed the plugin to “exit,” along with almost all their other plugins, for some reason—so, I removed the plugin from my server.

    However, that plugin adds advancements. I didn’t even know that plugins could do that. I didn’t realize that it added advancements until just now.


    Even though the plugin is no longer on my server, the advancements are still there. How can I remove them?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Minecraft: 1.15.2 | PaperMC: #90
  2. If you go to /world/advancements, all player advancements are stored there. Without using an NBT editor going in one by one, I believe you'd have to delete this folder and restart the advancement tree for players from scratch. Other other way I could think is doing ""/advancement revoke @a from minecraft:story/[name]"" where you'd probably have to tab complete to find the name.

    Someone else out there may have a better solution.
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  3. That’s a great solution! Thank you. I don’t care about advancement trees being reset as this is just a test server; my server’s not public yet.
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  4. @YourCoal
    I deleted the “advancements” folder in the main world folder, but it didn’t work.