How to remove mob spawners from dungeons

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by soloboy, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Hello i have a factions server and I want to remove all spawners that are inside dungeons because i want the only spawners to be from the shop that i have in my server.
    So how do i remove them all inside my 15.000 - 15.000 world border...
    //replace near crashes the server without removing it so yeahhh
  2. Are you using FAWE or standard worldedit? Async worldedit only goes as fast as the server can handle, so you won't be crashing it that way. I still don't recommend using such massive radii though. You can also import the world into mcedit and remove all the spawners through there. I'm also pretty sure for worldedit to remove all the spawners in such a huge radius all the chunks have to be generated first.
    All in all your best bet would be to use mcedit to get rid of your spawners, back up the world before you do this though, don't want to accidentally mess anything up
  3. i never used mcedit before how do i remove all spawners with mcedit
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