How to report plugin leaker?

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  1. Hello guys,

    Recently, I catched plugin leaker and I 100% confident it was him. How can I report this user to the Spigot Staff? I want, that his user will be removed from my buyer list. Somewhere, I heard, that I can send the leaked plugin to the Spigot Staff and they will check it and ban the user.

    What I already did?
    • I used the Report button on the user's profile;
    • I wrote directly to the [email protected] email;
    After one week I didn't receive any response.

    How did I catch him?
    • It told me my Anti-Piracy system;
    • I compared IPs and they were from different countries (about 9);
    • I found my plugin on the leak forums, downloaded it and decompiled, and found user id;
  2. Why don't you just backdoor the plugins so that if they share it they get locked.
  3. JamesJ


    You can ask the LeakForums staff to remove it for you, if you send them a DMCA letter.
    However, you can always DMCA the host of the servers (just do a ARIN/RIPE/etc WHOIS on the IP and you'll get an abuse email address).
  4. Hablar con leakforums, grifo no se puede hacer nada. If you talk to them probably remove your account, sorry for my bad English haha.
  5. You also can put a backdoor in your plugin. More fun.
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  6. JamesJ


    But it wont be approved by the staff.
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  7. backdoor the plugins
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  8. That's fucking bullshit.
  9. JamesJ


    If you add backdoor, why would they approve your plugin?
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  10. Cake the owner/admin will most likely ban you and call you a fag, cause he's like that.
    Seen it happen numerous times
  11. Thank you guys for suggestions. Anyway, I already blocked the usage of my all plugins for this user. But I still want to remove him from my buyer list and want that this guy will be banned from Spigot Forums.

    Please, Spigot Staff, look at this message!
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  12. Unlikely
  13. While there is life there is hope.
  14. Last I heard, Spigot are no longer handling plugin leak reports
  15. It is not so good... :(

    P.S If you are the author of some premium plugin (-s), you may write me in PM, and I will tell you who can possibly leak your plugin.
  16. I find this somewhat troubling...

    Spigot staff has not approved removal of the buyer, and the plugin author blocks a user/version of the plugin, by whatever means?

    Call for back doors... people are getting into legal trouble potentially, imagine your methods of detecting the leak are illegal or not even 100% fail-safe. Place a back-door and be illegal in 123-% of the world by default. Imagine the system allowed faking buyer ids and subsequent blackmailing. Not that i know anything about paid resources in particular, neither do i know what kind of system you have built in there, but for the general case it's somewhat troubling to read all this, also if i imagine that teenagers could be encouraged to take these kind of 'seemingly righteous' paths, even before their brains have started to fully work. I assume most of the programming people nowadays do (not only teenagers) could be done by some specialized ai with an ape sitting in front of it some day, and i wonder what kind of decisions matter this very day.

    That would explain the authors response. But is that permanent or just a temporary thing?
  17. Detecting plugin leaker could be done even without any anti-piracy system implemented in. You can just download leaked plugin and discover who downloaded your plugin from Spigot and shared it. I just saw somewhere (cannot remember exactly who it was, maybe md_5) that we can just send to them leaked plugin and they will simply recognize who is a leaker among spigot members. Now it seems that Spigot Staff does not responsible of that. Very sad...
  18. Thank you for this information :)
  19. Apologies - do note that i didn't use special markers to indicate what's behind.

    It clearly is problematic and some spigot EULA won't help for the hards cases :). It's also an ethical consideration, because the next thing they do is to program autonomous armed systems or they try to be the good guy with the gun. I was just commenting on the potential risk of feeling too good with trying to block out people, who are still marked as buyers on spigot side, also consider what kind of decisions are made for 'achieving your goal' here.
  20. Someone who isn't a developer won't know how to remove it.