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  1. Hello,

    Recently I've got a 1 star review on my Captcha plugin.

    In my ToS stands they need to contact me before reviewing bad. He didn't. I contacted him instead. He didn't respond. I sent him 2 other messages but still didnt respond. While he wwas online.

    So I want the review to be removed because the bug he was talking about is already fixed. Where should I report the review?
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  2. Even though the bug was fixed, I still don't find it fair that you need to contact them before leaving a bad review. I also understand it could be a false review, in which they should have an automatic report button if they don't already.

    But it should be against the rules to have the TOS include that.
  3. Well, I kinda understand it, but why leave a bad rating for a small bug. Just contact me I usually respond instantly. I can fix the bug and everything is alright. And btw I dont see the report button
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  4. You can't report reviews. That feature was removed because too many plugin authors were reporting any review lower than a perfect 5 stars.

    Also, your resource's TOS has no jurisdiction over spigot reviews, so why even include a section about it?
  5. Dont quite know what you mean with jurisdiction and section, sorry :p

    But the point is. I wanted to contact him to fix his bugs and make him happy. But he ignores me. So i want to remove it. Because its a false review then because he didnt contact me (like my tos says)
  6. Your response to the review:
    You kinda forgot to mention there that the bug did exist, but it has been fixed. Maybe he would have responded differently?

    I think @2008Choco said that you can report your own plugin to ask for the removal of such reviews and that he sometimes takes care of them. But please keep in mind this feature was removed for a reason, don't expect them to do it.
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  7. What I'm saying is, you shouldn't include unenforceable terms in your TOS. You have no say in whether or not someone reviews your resource, even if you do state "contact me before leaving a bad review." I agree that users should contact developers before leaving misguided reviews, but it makes no sense to include that in your resource's TOS.

    Side note: people can't delete their reviews if you respond to them. By responding to the review, you've effectively locked it in place forever (unless staff take care of it, or you delete your response).
  8. That doesn't make sense at all. Most tos on spigot state that the user may not claim ownership over the plugin. Yet, if that term is violate, there is nothing tne author can do.
  9. No, there is plenty you can do about plugin 'ownership,' unlike reviews. If a user reuploads without permission, it can be taken down since they didn't get permission. Reviews are a component of Spigot and aren't affected by specific resource TOS's.
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  10. You can't do anything if the article is sold/redistributed through external services.
  11. It's a valid review. Also that kind of TOS will lead to customer dissatisfaction. The customer reserves the right to review your plugin poorly, although it is a bit premature to do before contacting you for support.
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