Solved How to set a physical WorldBorder in a server

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  1. Hi guys!
    I have a WorldBorder plugin (the most popular) that creates an invisible layer all around the world. And I want to do it physical, like the singleplayer border. Do someone know how to do it?

    Like this:

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  2. Do you mean like show blocks all the way around?
  3. Nono, I've puted a photo in the post.
  4. It already is like that though......
  5. The photo is in singleplayer... I want it in the server.
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    So, create the virtual WorldBorder using the plugin and then use the Vanilla WorldBorder command to set the worldborder at those bounds
  7. Why not use Google? It's the first result.

  8. That commands just work in singleplayer, not on spigot.
  9. I thought that method but I don't wanna lose the actual server world.
  10. They work perfectly fine. These are Minecraft commands.
  11. I'm feeling stupid right now. A few weeks ago I've tried the command and it didn't work. Now it works. Thanks xd
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  12. Glad to see you got it fix! Have a fantastic Monday!
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