How to set blocks without lag in 1.8?

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  1. How to set a lot of blocks without lag on 1.8?
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  2. you dont
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  3. I mean, this is a kinda relative statement.

    It all depends on what you mean by 'a lot' and how stable your server is anyways.
    Generally speaking, using any crazy large amount of block edits via something like world edit, will be laggy.

    Something like FAWE (Async World Edit) will allow you to edit more blocks easier, since it does it chunk by chunk, not every chunk at once.
  4. Using NMS I’ve heard you can modify large chunks with little lag, something with lighting updates. Did you mean client or server lag?
  5. My solution idea of FAWE is for helping prevent server lag when making big edits.
  6. You update to 1.15.1. -> You can set Blocks, without lag in 1.8. ;):eek::LOL:
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  7. If you need to do it only once, you can download yoir world do it using mcedit and upload your world again. Othereise you have to buy better machine for your server