How to set schematic as main world

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  1. I uploaded a schematic i bought from someone, now i wanna set that world as the main world where people join, and also play, how to do this? I have now "hub" and the normal "world" but i want people only to play in hub, and they can also still enter nether and end. Its a factions server and i have multiverse ofcourse
  2. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, because schematics are not worlds. Schematics are pastable by WorldEdit. If you pasted the schematic into one of your worlds, you should do a couple things to set that as your main world:
    1. Set the world spawn wherever you want to with /mv setspawn or /setworldspawn
    2. Set the spawn of the server (if you are using Essentials, /setspawn)
    3. Change the level_name in to whichever world you would like to be your main one
    If you change the main world in, it should automatically generate a nether and an end for that world that players can go to.
  3. yeah sorry im a bit confusing, but i meant like i have a world not a schematic and i want to be that the main world, :D
  4. the level name keeps changing back....
  5. Turn the server off, make the change to the file, and then start the server back up. Otherwise, maybe try deleting your and generating a new one and then making changes to that one.
  6. 1st of all you need to have the fastasync world edit plugin loaded to your server then go to worldedit folder at your host panel open it and create a folder named schematics then put your schematic file. do a reload, join your server do //schem load (schematic name) and then paste (//paste)