How to set the server to only able to join using my client

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  1. Hy. I made a minecraft client and launcher. How can i set the server to ONLY JOIN the server using my Client?
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    Thank you!.
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    Could you clarify the question?
  3. ? I made a minecraft client. How can i set my Minecraft Server to able to ONLY join with My CLIENT?
    Thank you!
  4. electronicboy

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    Well, you're not going to be able to 100% guarantee that they're using your client;
    easiest method would be to modify the mc brand of the client (the one that it sends to the server, at least), to something custom, and then listen for that packet on your server and validate that it matches the brand of your client, otherwise; kick them
  5. And where can i modify? In the java files? :D
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  6. You might just make a plugin to listen to the packet that the cilents send out, assuming that is the cilent you created, you might know how to send the packet from the cilent now.
  7. I mean how to modify the packet in the client?
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  8. Strahan


    Didn't you write the client? If you wrote the client, how do you not know how to handle the packets in said client?
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