How to set the skull's texture from an image?

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  1. Title explains all. :)
  2. Pretty sure you can't

    Or use a resource pack?
  3. The player texture data is a signed base64 encoded string. Or in other words, it is a base64 encoded string that is then verified by the Mojang servers. Thus, for a player texture to work - a skull just uses a small part of that image - you have to get a signed base64 encoded link to that image, and the only one who can sign it for you, is Mojang. The problem is that Mojang will only sign image links that are stored on their own dedicated servers, and there is no way to insert an image on those servers... or is there? Well, I am not sure why, but Mojang stores old player skins on their servers! And those player skins have a signed base64 encoded link, that makes it possible to use for fake players and skulls. So yes, it is possible, as long as you have the image uploaded as a skin first. I have a thread about how to get the data you need and how to use it:
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  4. Thank you so much for this! :)