How to set up Bungeecord with shared hosting

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    [The content of this topic was taken from the BeastNode knowledge base and was written by a contributing customer]

    I have since abandoned this topic - I am no longer providing support and the contents may be out-of-date. Don't take this as reliable information.

    The way Bungee Cord works is that you have a backend server that run Bungee Cord and nothing else.
    You can choose to have a hub server with all the server portals in or you can just have portals in every server.
    Minimum amount of normal servers that users can play on should be two. You can then have as many more as you like.

    Once you have your servers ready, now it's time to get Bungee Cord. You can get it here:
    Upload BungeeCord.jar to /RootDirectory/jar/
    Change your jar file in Multicraft to BungeeCord.jar.
    Run your server, it will say it is listening on It will not work like this.
    It will generate a config.yml in your root directory. Open that up and you will get this:

    You can change max_players to anything you want.
    The host must be the backend server IP which will not be running as a Minecraft server (i.e. the IP : Port that will be used to connect to the hub so it should be the IP: Port of the server you have it installed on).
    Ignore force_default_server.
    Change the MOTD to whatever you like.

    Go to the servers section, here you will input the name of your servers and their IP:port.
    We will use the default as an example. If I wanted my hub server to be part of it, I'd change the 'lobby' to 'hub' and put the IP address in.
    When you have done this, add that server to forced_hosts. To add the hub to it, I'd do : hub.
    Just repeat this for each server until you've added them all.

    tab_list means what will show up in the tab menu. GLOBAL_PING means it will show the player list from all servers connected to the Bungee Server.
    You can change it to "SERVER" which will make the tab show up for the server you are connected to.

    One major part of Bungee Cord is that you must change all of your to online-mode: false in your
    This does not mean that offline players can join since Bungee Cord will authenticate the user. This does mean though, that you cannot give out the IP for any of your servers on the network. You can only give out the Bungee server IP otherwise they will not be authenticated and can login on non premium accounts.
    Make sure online_mode: true is in the Bungee Cord config.

    Even with permissions and OP, nobody can use the admin commands for Bungee Cord; you must add players specifically to the groups.
    In the default config, it shows md_5: you replace that with your name and leave 'admin' where it is. Just copy this for each player you'd like to have admin commands.

    Now go back to 'default_server'. Change this to the server you want people to go to when they first join. If you wanted them to join the hub server first, then replace lobby with hub.

    Congratulations! You have successfully made a Bungee Cord server!
    However, it will not work just like this. You need a plugin that works with Bungee Cord to teleport you through to each server.
    We recommend the plugin "Janus". It is very easy to use and can be setup in five minutes.
    Download the plugin from the Spigot page which is located the the Bungee Cord thread. Put it onto all of your servers apart from the Bungee Cord server.
    Next, build a nether portal (NOTE: You must have Nether disabled on all servers to do this.) and put a sign on the portal.
    Use this format:

    You must not capitalize any of the letters on the signs!
    You must make a corresponding portal on the other server that will connect back to the other server.
    Once you have done that, you are done!

    If you need to restart the Bungee server, you must go into any of the servers and do /end, then stop the Bungee server from Multicraft.
    If you do not do /end you will not be able to stop the Bungee server safely.

    Please note: In order to have a 2 server network you will need 3 servers. 1 server runs the bungeecord jar file and nothing else, the other 2 are your servers that people will play on
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    Well, if you can afford shared hosting, you can definitely afford a VPS :p
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    I have to put a huge bad idea on this, shared hosting dose not allow fire walling witch will make your servers easily to anyone with time on there hands
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    IP whitelisting plugins, babe
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    bungee pass ips to the server, so unless you disable this, the ip white listing wont work
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  7. Nope. Use IPWhitelist, made by me.
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    never knew you made this plugin, nice one :D
  9. If you're on shared hosting, then why are you running BungeeCord? BungeeCord is software that large servers generally use to distribute player count. If you are on a shared host, then you likely have < 30 players on, not enough to load balance with.
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    Well, you may have big aims but little space, cramming lots of plugins into one server isnt good, so if you have the money to carry it out, why not?
  11. Little space? Buy a dedicated host first :) If you have the money to carry it out, get a dedi
  12. stop making bungeecord connect to itself ! Paste your bungee config for more help.
  13. You can't have the listener host set as the same IP+Port you have as the server hub.

    You need the Spigot server to be running on a different port. Then put that in your servers section.
  14. Bump. Same problem.
  15. I try to get this to work but keep getting this screen.

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  16. Post a pastebin of your config and Bungee version.