How to set version to 1.8.4

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  1. So, some minecraft server lists get your server version which then puts it into the right list.

    Since 1.8.4 was released, and no spigot 1.8.4 was yet, I want to change my server version to 1.8.4 for the sole purpose to be on the 1.8.4 page.

    As you can see in this screenshot on 1.7.10 my server on the top says Spigot 1.8.3, and the bottom says 1.8.4:

    How would I modify Spigot in order for it to say 1.8.4

    Also, please give clear steps. I'm a noob at understanding the Java language.
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  2. Run BuildTools again, there is a 1.8.4 version.

    Sorry, my mistake, got confused with something else.
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  3. Theepwner


    No there isn't.
  4. I wish...
  5. The security patch that was released with 1.8.4 was already fixed with spigot before the update, so there isn't a need for a 1.8.4 release.
  6. Well the server in the screenshot certainly did it right. If you go on there and type /version it says Spigot 1.8.3 so they had to do something to get it to work.
  7. You didn't read the thread... sigh
  8. Sorry, I was replying to a different post, forgot to quote it :rolleyes:
  9. oh ok :p
  10. Bump every 24 hours.
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  11. The more you bump the more people get annoyed and skip over your post
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  12. Stop the server, think about what you're doing. Then start it again.

    There's no difference.
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  13. Sorry I need a quick answer. This is very urgent to me.
  14. Bumping that much won't even help very much as there are still people that see it.
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  15. If I knew the answer, which I don't, and saw you bumping 3 consecutive times within that short time I wouldn't answer..
  16. Think about it this way. The player will hunt for a 1.8.4 server on the lists. Only find vanilla crap. Then step it down to 1.8.3 and figure it out.

    I mean on the same server list site you having an issue with. Have you looked up mineplex on it? What do they have their version set as with all their magical devs working?
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  17. There are about 4 top server on the 1.8.4 list right now. The rest are vanilla. I can hit the number 5 spot if I could figure out how to do this.