How to setup server compass

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  1. Hello I was looking if anyone knows what plugins to add to a hub because I want to connect a factions server to hub but I don't know what plugins to add I would need

    Pvp in spawn like archon
    Double jump
    Bow with teleporting arrows
  2. The /server thing can be done with CustomJoinItems, bind a command to open a menu where you can click servers (this can be done with DeluxeMenu)
    Enabling pvp in spawn can be easily done through WorldGuard.
    Double jump and custom join items can be setup with this hub plugin or one similar to it. There are also standalone double jump plugins if you don't want all of those features and/or the dependencies.
    Bow teleport can be done using this plugin, or possibly a more advanced hub plugin.

    All of these things can be found through simple googling, and you'll probably find more ideas that way too. There are many more ways to achieve your goals than what are listed above.
  3. How to i bungeecord servers and thx for the help it made my day by u helping me thx