How to setup xPaw PHP Pinger

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  1. Hi All,

    After days of searching, I have been unable to figure out how to successfully setup the xPaw pinger to display the current number of players online on my server on my website.

    If anybody would be willing to help me set this up, that would be great.

    It has no documentation, and I have no idea how to make it display on my site (or install it).

  2. I found a php page that grabs Favicon, players, player heads, ip, port, player count, server version. I stripped down some of the code to remove players and player heads. You could always strip it down even more.... Here is a link to see it. I am unable to give you source code right now, can you wait till like 3 pm EST tomorrow?
  3. Ok. This uses an API I found online so.. If you can get an API to do it and that's on your system then it's entirely locally.
  4. With xPaws class,
    you can create an empty php page and just copy this over...
    Code (Text):
    require "MinecraftQuery.php";
            $Query = new MinecraftQuery();
            $Query->Connect(, 25565, 1);
            $info = ($Query->GetInfo());

    echo $info['Players'] . "/" . $info['MaxPlayers'];
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