How to Short names in List without affecting Scoreboard

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  1. Hey, i was wondering if you guys could help me figure out a way to short names in tablist to make the tablist look less messy without breaking the scoreboard functionality of the health, i know the screenshot is 1.7 but it should essentially be the same as all the other versions.

    P.S: What i mean by breaking the scoreboard func of Health is that whenever i try to short a players name by using setPlayerListName for some reason the health stops to update in scoreboard
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  2. Is the scoreboard custom too? If so you have to change the scoreboard entries to the shortened names by using offline players.
  3. What i meant by scoreboard is the Scoreboard Objective Health, i'm not using a custom one
  4. Well then you'll need to use a plugin to create a custom one.
  5. Yea. i figured a way of doing that but it consumes a lot of resources since it runs two for loops every second