How to split donation profits?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ryguybuddy, Sep 13, 2015.

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  1. Which donation gateway allows 3 owners to split profits?
  2. No one does, just split them at the end of the month?
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  3. Divide the profit by 3, and send to other owners :p
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  4. If you can't trust each other to manually pay one another, I don't recommend starting a server together.
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  5. Anyway thats just dumb "Spit the $ just do "10 Or any Number" DivideBy 3 = And anwser will be here , Just use a calculater to do it
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  6. what
  7. I'd recommend 40/20/20/20.
    The 40% funding all server costs, as I know that if it were split 33/33/33, there would be issues deciding who pays for what.
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  8. Theepwner


    Or (profit - server costs)/3?
  9. kottalizer



    profit = revenue - expenses
  10. Theepwner


    Ah, I misused the term "profit".

    By that I meant total income, not including any of the expenses. It makes sense if you realize the OP is referring "profit" to donation total since gateways aren't automatically factoring in expenses.
  11. ( use.CommonSense {whenSearching)){}
  12. Can you not type normally? You feel the need to add 2/3 parenthesis between each word?
  13. That could be done, but I'm thinking more for the case of actually investing money back into the server, not just paying the bills.
  14. You can split 1/3 of that $$$ to me ;) [email protected] lol.

    for realz though if you really can't agree on profit without manual payment, just don't even start.
  15. Donate everything to Spigot... That will solve your problem 100% :D
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  16. Another option would be:

    Profit - All Upkeep +15% (Just in case you need some money) / 3 = Split to Owners.
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