How to take the numbers off the side of a sidebar scoreboard?

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    The scoreboard works perfectly, but a customer wants the red sidebar number gone. How do you do this? I tried google, and I also tried speaking to friends and I even tried looking for the method myself in eclipse to hide them. I don't know what to do, everyone says it is impossible. (coolio) is my test faction name.
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    You can't.
  3. Removing the numbers on the side would cause your sidebar to have a "flash" effect. Tell this customer that it has to be this way in order to have a proper sidebar.
  4. How do you remove it with your way? Ill make it with your way and show the customer and see if he likes it. I wanna try.
  5. That just made the number 0 though, it didn't take the number away.
  6. Oh, NVM I was thinking of something different :p Yeah, as @joehot200 said, you can't remove those numbers.
  7. Is it possible to hide the numbers?
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  9. IMO if you make the score's all negative (mineplex does this) it looks a bit nicer/less invasive.
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  10. They don't?

  11. Ah, my bad. I think they used to? I don't really check there anymore.
  12. I don't see how having negative numbers makes it 'less invasive', considering it extends the number.
  13. A negative symbol is a dash. So I see it as:
    Stuff to display -1
    Something else -2

    As opposed to
    Stuff to display 1
    Stuff to display 2

    Again, it's just personal preference.
  14. You can make it look like:

    Text 1
    Another 1
    Next 1

    etc. by making sc entries named with for ex. ChatColor.WHITE+ChatColor.RESET and making team named for example "scLine1"

    Then set text as prefix or suffix for this team.
    And ofc set score to 1.

    Scoreboard in 1.8+ will be sorted alfanumeric if all scores are the same. You can work this out and get nice effect. I have it working, so trust me :)
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  15. does it have to be numbers can you make it as an option to have dashes instead
  16. Don't necro post please.